Once or twice a week, Loading Dock Raleigh hosts SkillPop Raleigh!  This is an exciting business that does a little bit of everything, ranging from painting watercolor succulents, to fresh pasta making, and learning the basics of Adobe Illustrator. They hire teachers and make the classes fun and accessible to anyone!   

Recognizing the importance of community involvement, SkillPop holds their pop-up classes in a range of unique locations, some of which are held right here at Loading Dock.  Local experts teach the classes and leave you with the right tools and information so you can begin to pursue whatever it is you may be interested in, whether it be hand lettering basics, or marketing for a small business. Not only do you leave the class with a new skill, but also new connections!  The class sizes are small and engaging, and a great way to meet new people.

    With dozens of classes to choose from, all in interesting locations, SkillPop is a great way to learn a new skill in a comfortable environment.

    If you’d like to learn more about SkillPop, or sign up for one of their classes, you can visit their website here.