Fashion often comes at a cost that goes beyond the monetary value of the clothes.  The negative environmental and ethical impacts of the design world can often leave a dark mark on the industry. Loading Dock member Redress Raleigh is an organization that hopes to help spark a change in the fashion world that could lead to more sustainable and ethical fashion choices in the future.

             Redress Raleigh is “working toward our mission of nurturing independent designers and educating people about the impact of their purchasing decisions through a variety of activities”, some of which include events such as film screenings, cocktails, and their annual fashion show. All of these events emphasize local companies who focus on home goods, beauty products, or clothing that are both chic and well designed, but also have both a positive ethical and environmental focus.

            On August 18th, Redress Raleigh will be hosting their annual fashion show at CAM Raleigh. The show will feature seven designers, and spotlight “conscious and responsibly-produced fashion in the Southeast.” It is an event that is open to the public, and you can purchase tickets, or learn more about this incredible event by visiting the Redress Raleigh website.

             We cannot wait to see some of the amazing and resourceful designs that will come out of this show, as well as the positive impacts Redress Raleigh will make on the design world, both locally and globally!