Last week, the NC General Assembly passed SB155 “ABC Omnibus Legislation”, widely known as “The Brunch Bill”, and the bill was just signed by Gov. Roy Cooper, putting the bill into effect. Loading Dock Raleigh members, North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, had been working tirelessly since before legislation began in January to make sure that craft brewers in North Carolina were represented in the current session, and this bill proves that their hard work paid off!

            SB155 will improve the North Carolina brewing industry in a number of ways, including the sale of alcohol on Sundays before 10 a.m., sale of crowlers, allowance of home brewers of both beer and wine to allow tastings at home brewing events, and many other great advances for the craft brewing community.

            Congratulations to the NC Craft Brewers Guild on playing a huge roll in getting this bill passed. The Loading Dock team can’t wait to see the great work you will continue to do for the craft brewing community across North Carolina!

            Read the complete text of the final legislation here.