We’ve got Good Brews

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with BREWPUBLIK to provide our members with the best full-service, in-office beer experience possible. From top-notch local taps to national brands that everyone knows and loves, BREWPUBLIK will keep the beer flowing here at Dock 1053.

We love that they care as much about our members as we do. BREWPUBLIK will continuously customize and adjust the variety of beer offered based on member preferences to ensure the most favorable selection is always available. With the introduction of this service, members can discover new tastes and enjoy old favorites from the comfort of their own workspace. Beyond always having high-quality beer on tap in the office, they will also provide expert maintenance and cleaning services for all kegerators, beer lines and other equipment. Throughout the partnership, BREWPUBLIK will also be hosting office happy hours and special events with visits from various local craft breweries in order to provide a social atmosphere, networking opportunities and the chance for members to learn more about craft beer and local breweries.

We are pumped for this partnership and firmly believe that BREWPUBLIK is creating something worth celebrating. Find out more about our friends here!