Ruff Life

Here are all the furry friends who call Loading Dock Raleigh home. Sit. Stay. Good dog! 


Pippi (aka the ” Pippster”)

Miniature Toy Poodle | 5 years young

I love people and other dogs. I  love to chase squirrels and cats. I'm faster than a cheetah but slower than most squirrels. I love sunbathing in the backyard. If you rub my belly I will love you for life.

What Pippy loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I love adventures in the office and hiding from Boomer.



Tri-color Hound Mix | 3 years old

I'm new to LDR and a recent rescue from Saving Grace. I'm a bit goofy and I'll steal your heart (and any snacks you may have). I'm a master sniffer and love to explore. My nickname is Adventure Dog!

What Trixie loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

The two-legged folks at LDR are so nice! They give me treats and lots of attention. I'm getting to make new furry friends too who like to play. Best of all, I get to hang out more with Mom.



Australian Shepherd | Almost 4 years old

Everyone thinks I'm calm and quiet, which is definitely true indoors (I love snuggles and attention) - but I also have tons of energy when playing with other dogs or going on walks! I love to chase squirrels (shocker) and accompany me pretty much everywhere, from friend's houses to breweries to errands to the beach and anywhere else. I came from Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue and Morgan got me when I was 8 months old.

What Boomer loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I love serving as a "mascot" for the Loading Dock, and making my rounds to get pets and treats from everyone. I know no strangers! I also love all the dog friends I have here.



I am an all-around man of mystery: Pekingese mix/amalgamation of disparate dog parts | Around 3 years old

I am demure when you first meet me, but don't let that fool you: I'm a goofball under all that initial shyness. Favorite activities include sleeping, having my belly rubbed, and stretching out with my little stubby legs behind me. In my spare time, I like to bark at cats to convince them to play with me (it doesn't work).

Dislikes include mornings, stairs, and the automatic paper towel dispenser in the Loading Dock bathroom. Favorite historical figure: Winston Churchill (duh) Favorite author: Judith Butler Favorite color: black and white

What Winston loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

Zoomies with Boomer and the other dogs, and treats.



Border Collie Mutt 

You couldn't ask for a better dog. I'm chillen all day, killen all night. I really am the sweetest...unless you are a varmint. Don't be a varmint. I know english, country and some Spanish

What Ranger loves about Loading Dock Raleigh




Great Dane | 

I'm by far the biggest dog at Loading Dock and I love it, but I am misunderstood.  People get scared of me sometimes when they see me coming, but I just want to play!  When I bark other dogs get scared, but I just wanna be their FRIEND. 

What Zoe  loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I LOVE the counters. Well, mainly the food on the counters. I'm  tall enough to reach just about anything. If you're not looking a might snag a quick snack :) 



Chocolate Lab | 4 months old 

Queen of snuggles, playing fetch, and snoring. I love to go on walks in the woods where I can be leash free, playing with my pup friends, and snuggling up to watch The Office - I'm as sweet as maple syrup ; )

What Maple  loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I love Loading Dock because I get to see my doggo friends, hang out with my hooman during the day, and all the pets and treats members give me. However, I'm not invited to Loading Dock everyday because I snore too loudly. :/



Black Lab | Old & Wise

I bring the wisdom.... You can find me lounging around the kitchen when you come in for a tour. Some may call me lazy but  I call it beauty sleep that I have earned. 

What Berkley  loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I love the cold floors. They are the BEST. And there's so much room to lounge. When I'm not sleeping, I'm eating.  The members are always giving me treats. 



Golden Retriever | Almost 2 Years Old 

I’m Ellie, vibrant young Golden Retrie…SQUIRREL!! Where was I? Anyways,  I love coming to Loading Dock and hanging out in our Suite with my pals from Chair 8 Media. Most people think I’m pretty cra…BALL!!!..Wait..Where was I again? Sorry, my attention span is pretty short, but I DO love making new friends. Everyone, honestly is my best friend, and every day is the BEST DAY EVER. You won’t see me wandering around in the coworking area too often…my owner tries to confine my energy in the suite and only lets me go wild and chase the ball outside of LDR. Anyone want to Cowoof? 

What Ellie loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I LOVE that it's so close to home. I get to go back and forth and play with my new baby sister Stuart.



Unique & Beautiful | I know no age

My name is Lola, but you can call me LoLo. I am the best trained dog at LDR.  You want TRICKS? I got'em. Tricks on Tricks on Tricks. 

What Lola loves about Loading Dock Raleigh

I love entertaining all of the members with my tricks. The more tricks I do, the more TREATS I get. Happy Lola = Happy LDR :)