What's Behind The Glas

At Loading Dock, we believe quality work is done best in the context of a diverse and supportive community.  Dock 1053 is full of entrepreneurs, forward thinkers, innovators and change-makers that we know and love. We think that you should know them too, which is why we're excited to share our Meet Our Neighbors blog series! Something special is happening on 1053 East Whitaker Mill Road. Come take a virtual stroll with us around The Dock and find out what makes this place so unique. 

Thirty-four years ago Nate Shaeffer started blowing glass.  When he graduated from college in 1986, he opened up a Neon Shop. What started small, quickly escalated into a huge production. "We did tens of thousands of beer signs and all of the coca-cola signs for a significant part of Europe for years. By 1997 I had twenty four glass blowers." A collapse in the market due to offshore competition forced Nate to take a step back. "It was a good time for me to get out and be with my kids as a stay-at-home dad."  But Nate wasn't done yet. He couldn't stop making things.  What started back as as a small studio in his house, is now an inviting shop right in the heart of Dock 1053 called Glas.  "I may have worn this statement out in the last two years, but I still have my feet on the brakes because we're just reacting to clients coming in." 

Glas may capture you with neon light, but they keep your attention by welcoming you into their creation and allowing you to get lost in it's beauty. The creative energy that Glas brings to Loading Dock is something special. Next time you're around Dock 1053 wander a litter farther in and you'll find a hidden gem. Check out our friends Glas on their Website, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s easy to tell that this is a pretty neat and creative spot. We don’t really have to say anything to anybody that comes in. You just watch’em look at the ceiling, look at the walls and wander around. But when they do wander and explore, they find us and they’re rewarded.
— Flip