2018: Be More Productive

Ah, resolutions. Some are met, while others fade into existence the day they were made. Although traditional resolutions are great, consider committing to personal growth in your profession. Make 2018 the year you get a promotion, develop your brand, or expand your team. Week by week we’ll be sharing our career-related resolution and how you can achieve each goal! This week’s resolution: Be More Productive.

Be More Productive

Focus: A term you may not be too familiar with after the holidays. Spending the better part of the past two weeks in and out of the office and returning to a thousand and one emails in your inbox, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disoriented. However, anything is possible with a little determination and coffee. Here is how you can be more productive this year:


1. Grab said coffee and find a quiet spot. Not only do we have local beans brewed every hour on the hour, we also have designated quiet areas at the Loading Dock. Our favorite spot? The library upstairs.

2. Once situated, create a list of things you have to accomplish for the day. Writing a list for the day rather than the week is key. A narrow list helps you stay on track and tackle objectives faster. We like using Wunderslist, but pen and paper will do (however, Wunderlist makes a very satisfying ding every time you check something off — something to keep in mind). For larger projects, utilize Google Calendar or purchase a desk calendar.

3. Start with easier tasks first then work your way to the bigger projects. By crossing off an easier task you already feel more productive and motivated for the remaining work!

4. Give yourself a 5-minute break every 30 minutes or so. Productivity is all about rewards, even if that reward is mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for that 5 minutes. We like to reward ourselves by grabbing a beer from the tap in the kitchen. Sometimes we even walk to our neighbor's Hummingbird or Lynnwood Brewing Co. for a treat.

5. At the end of the day, begin to write what you need to do tomorrow. Whatever is left over from today’s list can be on tomorrow’s list. By the time you return to the office the next day you’ll already be set.

Congrats! You’re already on the path to success! No longer will you look at the clock and say, “what have I even done today??”.

Stay tuned for next week’s resolution and how you can conquer 2018. Cheers!

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