Running With Sir Walter Miler

Here at Loading Dock Raleigh, we strive to do excellent work, support one another and do others good. We believe this happens best in the context of a diverse and supportive community. That's why we're excited to share our Meet Our Members blog series! Each week, we'll feature a member, business or non-profit who calls Loading Dock home and inspiring us through their creative work and mission. We hope you enjoy!

Next up, our friends who could teach us a thing or two about running. Sir Walter Miler began due to lack of stateside races for American Athletes. This annual event has become one of the most unique events that Raleigh has to offer, attracting athletes from all over the country. Sports Illustrated called the 2015 Sir Walter Miler the “best glimpse of future growth for American track.” What we love most about the Sir Walter Miler team is that they embody everything that Loading Dock stands for. They have pioneered a unique and fun event that seeks to bring the community of Raleigh together and succeeds in doing so.  Doing Others Good, they get local breweries involved and give away all sales of beer to a charity of their choosing. We love having such a unique team of passionate individuals as a part of the Loading Dock family!

The Run Down on Loading Dock

"We used to have our Sir Walter Miler team meetings at noisy, cluttered coffee shops around town. But when we joined the Loading Dock this summer and had access to the conference rooms, it created immediate credibility to our efforts and our team, which has grown from three people to seven, plus six interns. The atmosphere and aesthetics were perfect to build our team culture and initiate creative ideas. This year's event had the largest crowd to date, close to 5,000 people in attendance along with nine men running under the 4-minute mile barrier! We are excited to use the space at Loading Dock to continue to collaborate with partners to grow the influence of Sir Walter Miler and our vision for uniting Raleigh through the running community!" - Sandy Roberts & Pat Price

Run on over to Loading Dock and check out our friends, and members Sir Walter Miler! Learn more on Facebook, Instagram and their Website!