Meet Clark Rinehart

clark loading dock raleigh

Here at Loading Dock Raleigh, we strive to do excellent work, support one another and do others good. We believe this happens best in the context of a diverse and supportive community. That's why we're excited to announce that we have a new Director of Community!

Clark was born and raised in Miami, FL. He went to the University of Miami and studied Industrial Engineering, then he moved to Durham to attend Duke Divinity School. After 7 years of being on staff at a local church, Clark is excited to join our Loading Dock Family. In his spare time he eats PB&J's like it's his job and spends time with his wife Laura and his 11 month old son Beau. 

Why did you choose Loading Dock Raleigh?

"I chose to take the job at LDR because of the incredible potential that I saw in the community of friends, colleagues and collaborators that are already in the space. It’s clear when you step into the space that people are doing excellent work, doing it together and actively working to make an impact in their respective industries. Stories inspire me and encourage me to do my best work, so hearing what people around LDR are passionate about is what I have loved most thus far."

What are you excited about for the future?

"I’m excited to see people and companies grow and thrive because of our community’s commitment to work together, have fun and positively affect our city. It’s easy for me to be excited about being on the LDR team because even before I took the job, I had already heard about and interacted with members who are key players in our city. In the future, I envision more and more people around our community’s collective “table” and being an even more integral hub for meaningful work in our region."

What does Doing Others Good mean to you?

"At a foundational level, “Doing Others Good” means cultivating relationships to me. This kind of work takes time, patience and considerable effort on all of our parts. But, the fruits of these strong relationships—through business or otherwise—are invaluable and hard to quantify. “Doing Others Good” can be as simple as checking in with another member when you know they’re going through a tough time personally or it could be a strategic business partnership. In my opinion, if we have breath in our lungs, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to do others good!"