Curate. Create. Eat. 

Here at Loading Dock Raleigh, we strive to do excellent work, support one another and do others good. We believe this happens best in the context of a diverse and supportive community. That's why we're excited to share our Meet Our Members blog series! Each week, we'll feature a member, business or non-profit who calls Loading Dock home and inspiring us through their creative work and mission. We hope you enjoy!

Next up, our friends who know a thing or two about good food. CurEat is an App that is designed to help you find curated, independent restaurants and bars no matter where you are! We love CurEat because they tell you the good stuff and cut through the clutter.  With CurEat you won't find any negative endorsements or chain restaurants. Discover quality places to dine from CurEaters, bookmark the places that you love, and share your restaurant lists with you friends and family!

A Bite out of Loading Dock  

"Loading Dock is perfect for our start-up.  CurEat utilizes core staff plus works closely with several local companies from development to PR.  Loading Dock allows us the flexibility we need to work independently as well as come together as a larger group.  The addition of the great community enables us to create an energy that matches our start-up."

We love having CurEat as a part of the Loading Dock Family! Next time you pull up to the Dock make sure you come with an empty stomach! To learn more about our members, and friends CurEat, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and on their Website .