Meet the New Kids at The Dock

At Loading Dock, we believe quality work is done best in the context of a diverse and supportive community.  Dock 1053 is full of entrepreneurs, forward thinkers, innovators and change-makers that we know and love. We think that you should know them too, which is why we're excited to share our Meet Our Neighbors blog series! Something special is happening on 1053 East Whitaker Mill Road. Come take a virtual stroll with us around The Dock and find out what makes this place so unique. 

Let us formally introduce you to your new favorite neighborhood cafe and bar: Hummingbird Raleigh. Warning: You may never want to leave this place. Hummingbird brings a big city feel to Dock 1053 that is cozy and inviting. Walk through the doors and you are greeted by vibrant sunshine yellow bar stools that automatically put you in a better mood. Sit at a cozy nook and your eyes will wander toward the unique artwork hanging on the walls around you. Sip on specialty coffee in the morning and craft cocktails in the evening. Oh, and did we mention the exceptional food that they serve. Feast on butterscotch sticky buns, cinnamon-sugared ricotta fritters, coconut chia seed pudding and more! Check out there full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner here!

Okay, we know your mouth is watering by now. What are you waiting for? Go introduce yourself to the new neighbors! Learn more about our friends on their Instagram, Facebook, and Website. 

Dock 1053 is located in a very exciting up and coming section of town. The aesthetics of Dock 1053, and the surrounding community appeal to our vision and we want to be a part of the growth!
— Coleen Speaks