Co-Warehousing and Community

We sat down with our good friend and member, Matt Davis to provide you an in-depth look at his unique company Mister Pompadour.  He uses both the collaborative and co-warehousing space at Loading Dock, which allows him to maximize the potential of his company and provide a great customer experience!

If you're looking for a place to self-fulfill orders in an accessible and collaborative space, or just want to join a growing creative community, you've come to the right place.  Join us as we look at Mister Pompadour, Co-warehousing, and the community at Dock 1053.  You might get some tips from Matt on how to style your hair in the process!



Tell us a little bit about you and your company? What products do you offer?

Mister Pompadour was started in May 2014 by two engineers who wanted something better for the hair.  

Mister Pompadour is a men's hair product company started in 2014 by engineering friends and product designers, Matt Davis and Zack Henry.  We are passionate about bringing a professional sense of style to every man and improving men's hair was our calling.  We started Mister Pompadour because we believe your hair speaks volumes about who you are and can reflect your overall personality and style. Like most guys, we were tired of choosing between paying huge prices for high end styling products or settling for cheap junk. All we wanted were products with better ingredients and kept our hairstyle in place all day. Finding the perfect hair products were hard to come by - so we decided to make our own our own.  Now we have customers in all 50 states and in over 95 countries worldwide.  In 2016, we developed a women's hair product line called Ms. Pompadour after multiple requests from our female customers and salons.

Why is Loading Dock the perfect fit for you and your company?

Loading Dock initially appealed to us because wanted a collaborative environment where we could work with other small businesses to help achieve our business goals.  We are only a 2-man team, so we needed a place to easily meet people who could do things that we weren't experts in, such as creating product explainer videos.  We all have our unique talents and skills and it's nice to be able to tap into that in essentially one location.

How does the convenience of co-warehousing help you focus on your company? 

Co-warehousing allows us to self-fulfill orders in a space that is more accessible and geared towards receiving/shipping pallets of products.  It certainly beats shipping out of my basement.  It also allows us maintain control of how our products are shipped and presented while remaining flexible enough to add or remove promotional items if needed.  We tried working with 2 fulfillment groups over the past few years and experienced struggles with each one which was hurting our customer experience.

What makes the Loading Dock community unique?

Loading Dock is quite unique because it's the only collaborative workspace with a co-warehousing option that I could find.  The co-warehousing idea in general seems incredibly new, but it makes perfect sense for small businesses like Mister Pompadour who ship physical products but don't need a large warehouse space.  

What would you say to someone searching for a co-warehousing/fulfillment space, that doesn't know where to begin? 

I would definitely search for collaborative work space with a warehousing option.  In Raleigh and other cities that I visited for business, all the collaborative work spaces were mostly downtown and provided only an office setting.  Having a warehouse attached to the building is such a new concept that I don't know if there are a lot of co-warehousing spaces even available, but I definitely like the idea of calling it 'co-warehousing'.