Save time, Eat Well and Support Local

Here at Loading Dock Raleigh, we strive to do excellent work, support one another and do others good. We believe this happens best in the context of a diverse and supportive community. That's why we're excited to share our Meet Our Members blog series! Each week, we'll feature a member, business or non-profit who calls Loading Dock home and inspiring us through their creative work and mission. We hope you enjoy!

We hope you're hungry!  Our members, and friends Supper Meals know the way to our heart is through our stomach.  Their mission is to make healthy, balanced, locally-made food more accessible.  Supper Meals is the personal chef you've always wanted!  Local chefs deliver fresh and balanced meals right to your door so you can eat well during your busy weeks.  Their rotating menu includes paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, family-friendly and other delicious options.  Authentic food is not the only thing that Supper Meals is good at creating.  They are crafting and supporting the community, by partnering with local chefs.  We can't wait to see this community grow!

Chowing Down at Dock 1053

"Loading Dock sets itself apart from other co-working spaces by creating a true sense of community. Working for a startup or small business can at times feel a bit isolating as you're not a member of a huge team. Loading Dock definitely makes up for that through the cultivation of friendly members, open lines of communication and member events that encourage networking."

"Supper Meals was looking for a space where we felt we were able to brainstorm, get creative and produce really great work. So far, Loading Dock has provided just that. Surrounding ourselves with other local businesses and startups only encourages us to continue to improve and grow this business."  

Learn more about how you can save time, support local, and eat really well!  Check out Supper Meals on Facebook, Instagram and their Website!